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Le fumage est une traditionnelle de conservation



More and more chefs incorporate smoked to some dishes from the menu of their restaurant. To this increase of popularity among the cooks adds the easy recognition of its unmistakable and appetizing taste by the consumers.



The smoker's MySmoker prepared to smoke in the compact oven MyChefThe new accessory MySmoker lets you convert any professional oven in a smokehouse, without installing or add extra equipment or to read complicated instruction manuals. Now any cook can dare to try this technique immediately. How? In a simple, clean and effective, in three steps:

  1. Fill the MySmoker magazine with the chosen wood chips: beech, oak, alder, mesquite, cherry, apple tree ...
  2. Enter MySmoker in MyChef compact oven and select the cooking parameters / smoked.
  3. Turn on the MySmoker Smoker so it starts to generate smoke.

... And all that remains is to wait for the required exposure time according to the desired level of smoke intensity.

The MySmoker smoker includes a small Guide Tips & Tricks (Tips and Tricks) with some recommendations before starting: how to use it for cold smoking, for smoking hot, what wood to choose ...



Smoked new MySmoker, to smoke in the professional oven

The Smoker MySmoker allows:

  • Add the flavor, color and special texture of smoked meat, fish and vegetables in an easy and economical way.
  • Aromatize the food inside the cooking chamber, expanding the possibilities of the oven, saving space and money, as it is not necessary to invest in a separate smoking chamber.
  • Smoke more intensely and in much less time than with traditional methods.
  • Standardize the production by means of an exhaustive control of the parameters of temperature, humidity, time of exposure ... that allows us to use an industrial furnace.
  • Smoke more food at the same time as using small utensils such as pans, wooden boxes ...


3 # TIP

Once smoking is finished, it is recommended to wash the oven chamber manually or through automatic washing programs to completely eliminate the aroma and thus continue cooking other types of elaborations.



Smoking is traditionally a food preservation technique. It was used as an alternative to the absence of refrigeration and to take advantage of the foods in season of abundance. At present, this technique is also used to transfer a pleasant aroma and flavor to food.

The characteristic fragrance and flavor of smoked food comes from a mixture of aromatic compounds of smoke generated by the wood just before burning. Each wood brings a characteristic aroma to the smoked food, although distinguishing them will be easier in slow and long lasting smokes.

This technique also gives the smoked product an easy to identify appearance: glossy surface, darker uniform color and slightly sticky texture.



If you are a lover smoked or you want to start in this exciting world and you want to receive more information about MySmoker, do not hesitate to contact us : our corporate chefs advise you free.

Smoked pork ribs with vegetables

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