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Lavezzini Vacuum Packers

Lavezzini Vacuum Packers


The company  LAVEZZINI  looks out with determination and success in the world of  vacuum packaging establishing itself in a short time on the market through the introduction of an ' innovative line of packaging machines with external aspiration,  thus creating a new concept of " packaging ."

Consolidated corporate foundations in the following years, the company  LAVEZZINI , strong of a precious "field experience", continues to travel the road of making improvements that would include an expansion of the range is the production of  professional bell packaging machines , available in different versions and types.

The firm's mission  LAVEZZINI  has always been to provide its commercial patner a  service to 360 degrees  where the sale of single  packaging  must be only a starting point and not an end point. Forged from years of experience, after careful consideration, the team  LAVEZZINI  in 2003 faces with determination and stubbornness to the world of  heat sealing , providing the trusty customers four thermosealers models capable of fulfilling the needs of the packaging  tray .

Continuous investment and constant  technological upgrades  of the product have allowed the company to be present in most countries of the world, as to be considered one of the major enterprises of the sector. Today in fact the company  LAVEZZINI , articulated on  two production plants  for a total of  5000 square meters , is a  solid ,  dynamic  and in  constant evolution , aware that the foundation of its success are to be found: in the ' intuition of the ruling class , in  dedication  of the working staff, especially in the  competence  and availability of its precious  distributors .

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