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Introducing the CS157 Progrill

Introducing the CS157 Progrill

We think you’ll agree – it’s table-top grilling perfection. This compact grill saves on space, but is engineered to handle the demands of high volume production by reducing the cooking times in half by creating a double-sided and dual heated grill. The CS157 Progrill's diverse range of uses includes, tortilla, panini's, quesadilla, sandwiches, burritos, wraps, gordita, vegetables and proteins. The CS157 is available with a smooth or panini style grill at no extra cost. You won't be able to find a better product to cater to your grilling needs.  That’s why the ProLuxe CS157 Progrill™ has been designed with our customer and your customer satisfaction objectives in mind - maximum taste and minimum space.


The CS157 is just like our SL1577 full size grill, but half the size. We saw a need and engineered a product to exceed that need for our clients. Some of our major clients have locations with very limited space, such as airports, and malls. These clients were already using our SL1577 grill in their full size locations and absolutely loved it, but space was a major problem in the smaller locations. We saw the need and the CS157 was created. The CS157 is only 10.7 inches wide and 20.5 inches long, it fits perfectly in the smaller areas. And, best of all, it features the world-famous cast-in heating elements exclusively from ProLuxe, the company formerly known asDoughPro™.  

With a limited lifetime warranty, the new CS157 Progrill gives you plenty of time to discover the many yummy culinary delights it has the ability to cook.

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