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Clean in no time

Which of Henkelman's vacuum machines do you chose? One thing is for sure: your operator can clean it easily, inside and out. All our vacuum machines are specially designed for this. Some examples of smart design solutions:

  • smooth deep drawn vacuum chambers in all bench top models;
  • every corner is easy to reach;
  • smooth work surfaces in the Polar and Lynx series;
  • no cables or welding seams in the chamber;
  • the sealing bars and insert plates are easy to remove;
  • the fitted casing facilitates quick and easy cleaning (IP65 on Polar and Falcon series).

Handy: pump maintenance programme                                         

The pump is the heart of your vacuum machine and has to be kept in perfect condition. Therefore every Henkelman machine is equipped with a pump conditioning programme. It is easy to activate at the push of a button.

The pump conditioning programme:                                                    Conditioneringsprogramma            

  • rids the oil in the pump of moisture
  • cleans the pump and prevents corrosion
  • press the C-button to activate it.
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