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Halls Uk Appointed Granita Distributor

Halls Uk Appointed Granita Distributor

Since 1974 
After almost four decades devoted to the commercialization of hotel, restaurant and catering equipment and machinery, we have become true experts in the industry: We know how the market develops, about the sector's needs and what customers expect. 

We face up these challenges with a wide range of products, a reliable service as well as a guarantee for quality, which together build the base in which many professionals trust

Specialists in hospitality facilities 
Experienced professionals run every day's business at Granita Group. Their dedication has made them real specialists in the field, providing a quality that our customers appreciate and value as trust worthy. 

Leading technology 
Our machines have evolved with us. Step by step, we have been applying the latest technology in order to improve their systems and adapt to new regulations. Thus, we have established a continuous improvement process, in which we participate actively contributing our extensive experience in the market. 

Keeping a top market position is not easy. It's not enough to have products with strong capacities or the widest range of the sector. It is also necessary to transmit maximum reliability due technical service at national level, and fast response that enables us to immediately serve any machine at request. 
Therefore we dispose of a large stock of machines and spare parts (even years after cessation of production) and also of the commercial, technical and administrative qualification of our team. 

A new scenario: 2008 Manufacturing 
After more than 30 years in the business as importers, in 2007 our commercial anxiety and the big changes in the market lead us to question ourselves: perfectly knowing the machines, knowing the market, having the clients, the illusion and the motivation to it … why not start manufacturing ourselves? 

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