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FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal

FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal

FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal Wins Foodservice Equipment Reports Award

Bar Maid Corporation is excited to announce that judges named their recently introduced FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal a winner in the Foodservice Equipment Reports 2017 Smallwares Competition.

Quickly and easily installed in the floor drain, FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal is a patented one-way valve that allows liquid and solids to drain, then closes to prevent migration of odors, harmful and potentially flammable gases, insects and liquid backflow up through the floor drain grate.

Foodservice Equipment Reports is an award-winning monthly publication read by 28,000 equipment specifiers/buyers in commercial and noncommercial foodservice. The magazine held its 2017 Smallwares Competition on July 27 at the Boelter SuperStore’s Event Test Kitchen in Milwaukee. A group of four judges, made up of smallwares and tabletop specialists from three major E&S dealerships and a foodservice operator, gave top honors to FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal from a field of 28 finalists.

The judges used a specific set of criteria to make their selections. To qualify, Smallwares Product Entries included any handheld, non-electric kitchen tool designed and marketed specifically to the commercial foodservice industry. Additionally, products must be new to the market, and marketed to the foodservice industry on or after the NRA Show 2016/May 2016. Qualifying products were judged on their uniqueness or innovation in their category, service to the industry or problem-solving functions, food and labor safety enhancement, durability and aesthetics.

The October 2017 issue of Foodservice Equipment Reports will feature FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal in its 2017 Smallwares Winners section.

Four sizes available to fit most drains, FLY-BYE Floor Drain Trap Seal is for use in either new construction or retrofit applications where trap primers were never installed. Tested and certified to the ASSE 1072 Standard and listed with IAPMO and I.C.C. It aids LEED certification.

“This product is a huge problem solver for bars and restaurants that strive to improve sanitation and indoor air quality,” says George Shepherd, owner and president of Bar Maid Corporation. “We are so pleased that the Smallwares Competition judges recognized its design and benefits.”

Bar Maid Corporation, of Pompano Beach, FL, is a privately held company focused on quality products for bars, restaurants, hotels, convention facilities and event catering.


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