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ESMACH S.p.A. has been serving the baking industry for more than 40 years with the best mixers, moulders, dividers, dough retarders and retarder proofer, ovens for Bakeries, Pastry Shops and Pizza Restaurants.

The history of ESMACH S.p.A. began early in the 70s as Esperia Macchine, a creative and manufacturing company proposing bread-making solutions. The first appliances were the spiral mixer and the volumetric divider; both machines became soon a real technological innovation in the bakery field and represented an added value for the company activity and a milestone both for customers and competitors. In the 80s the company name was changed from Esperia Macchine into Esmach to enable a further development on international markets after achieving successful results through the sale of bread-making industrial lines, where Esmach was told to be the first “Italian pioneer”. Esmach’s innovative drive, its widespread presence in the markets, and the calibre of its human and technical team have contributed to the remarkable expansion of Bongard SA in Italy since the early 90s. It is in this period that the baking equipment specialist Bongard, a long-established and acknowledged leader in France, selected Esmach as a reliable partner in order to develop its share in the Italian market and entered a cross-distribution agreement.

Our Philosophy

"Staying one step ahead”, that is being proactive in a fast changing world.
ESMACH embraces all facets of this context. The Yin and Yang, cold and heat, rotation, wholeness, balance, life, comprehensive solutions. Our logo is evocative and ancient. It is inspired by the Asian symbolism of the Yin and Yang, yet it is interpreted in a modern way. It means addressing challenges with dynamism, through the encirclement and "global" movement of the two aforesaid energies. It graphically symbolizes the circular movement of the mixers, and of the of fluids and solids in it. It implies strong behavioral values and our company’s objectives. It states the efficiency of our machines and their ability to prevent changes in the characteristics of the ingredients used. It displays the determination and the responsiveness of our staff.
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