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Coffee Brew Thermorapid System - CBTS

Coffee Brew Thermorapid System - CBTS
Coffee Brew Thermorapid System - CBTS

The Coffe Brew Termorapid System makes the most of the coffee extraction properties thanks to our n. Paturri's patented Termorapid system, which allows for a slow filtration to obtain a great coffee, where the taste and aroma are valued and preserved perfectly for the duration of the service.

With the Termorapid model, coffee is produced that can be served hot, moka type or express type thanks to the particular Expresso application; 
with the Foam Pump module instead it is possible to cool and dispense a great coffee cold stout beer effect!

All Movable Solutions can be customized at will.

Composed of:

-Termorapid Coffee Maker; Foam Pump; Refrigerated units

Easy to use, clean and maintain.

Indispensable for catering-banqueting, intesting solutions, hotels, ice-cream parlors, coffee-bars, pubs, country clubs.

Marked CE.

Quality system certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

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