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Today we want to talk about the TekTherm Compact professional appliance as an alternative to laboratory devices commonly used for-low temperature cooking, such as the Roner thermostat or the immersion thermostat.

TekTherm Compact is a cooking chamber, developed collaboratively with the Roca brothers (Celler de Can Roca), which guarantees maximum precision at low temperatures thanks to a TSC patent, which ensures accuracy of ±0.2ºC. The exactness of the cooking temperature is especially important in low-temperature cooking in order to obtain moist, uniform results with little reductions. An egg is a clear example; every degree in temperature causes a change in texture.

This exactness in a cooking chamber, unique among ovens in the industry, is an essential advantage that the professional solution of TekTherm Compact introduces. But there's more, especially in the field of sous-vide cooking. We outline the details below:

With TekTherm Compact, you avoid inconveniences derived from using water

The immersion thermostat is a laboratory tool that moved to the kitchen because of its exactness, but it still presents some inconveniences for the chef. Since food is placed in the water, it should be vacuum sealed so that its organoleptic properties and qualities remain intact. If the food were to have direct contact with the water, it would lose part of its flavor, and the resulting texture would look like a boiled product. Some inconveniences of working with water and the immersion thermostat include constant dripping when the bags are taken out and transported, water evaporation from the basin during cooking, and the resulting humidity in the room. Another disadvantage is that the water in the basin is not the same temperature throughout; for example, the water is hotter nearer the immersion thermostat than it is on the sides of the basin. All these problems can be avoided with the TekTherm Compact appliance, since it produces cooking that is just as exact but without the sous-vide bag.

Maximum temperature stability in the cooking chamber

The TSC patent for the TekTherm appliances provides thermal stability in the chamber with accuracy of ±0.2ºC. No other oven in the industry has this exactness or uniformity for low-temperature cooking (up to 100ºC).

TekTherm Compact presenta la misma precisión que el termostato de inmersión aunque mayor homogeneidad y comodidad de cocción

From left to right, graphs of a combi oven (stability: 2ºC/Uniformity: 4ºC), immersion thermostat (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 3.5ºC) and TekTherm Compact with the TSC patent (stability: 0.2ºC/Uniformity: 0.6ºC).

TekTherm Compact offers more stability than conventional combi ovens and greater uniformity than immersion thermostats.

Savings of up to 76%

Using TekTherm Compact leads to savings of up to 76% in energy consumption compared to immersion thermostat in cooking over long periods of time because the TSC precision technology manages the energy needed each second to keep the cooking chamber stable. For this reason, cooking at night is more low-cost.

TekTherm Compact is a more efficient technology for long cooking times. The example below demonstrates this concept: Cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours has a daily energy consumption of 1.76 kW/h with TekTherm Compact compared to the 7.28 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.  Likewise, cooking at 65ºC for 12 hours a day has an annual energy consumption of 387.2 kW/h compared to the 1,601.6 kW/h with the immersion thermostat.

Forget the timers

TekTherm makes it possible to do without timers because the Multi Time Control allows you to control the time in each level of the cooking chamber. Forget the color-coded clamps...

Maximum uniformity

TekTherm Compact incorporates the Predictive Cooking patent, which allows the desired temperature to reach the center of the food and does not allow the temperature to continue rising from the product's thermal inertia. Food can, therefore, be left in the oven indefinitely without being overcooked. The TSC and Predictive Cooking patents provide completely uniform cooking of food, both on the inside and out.

More production

Greater production capacity with the resulting saved kitchen space. TekTherm Compact is a small appliance with 3 GN 2/3 capacity, which also ensures the utmost speed in changing temperatures.

Multiple uses

In the low-temperature kitchen, TekTherm Compact has multiple uses besides sous-vide cooking:

  • Sous-vide cooking: as precise as an immersion thermostat but more convenient (without the inconvenience of water) and uniform, less energy consumption, and optimization of kitchen space.
  • Low-temperature cooking: low temperature cooking with or without vacuum-sealed bags for uniform cooking results with 25% fewer reductions.
  • Dehydration:  work without steam and extract the humidity from the chamber.
  • Steamer: get the best results with seafood thanks to the latest steam technology and TSC precision.
  • Pasteurization: increase product shelf life up to 120%.
  • Fermentation: TSC precision allows this technique to be reproduced exactly in order to get controlled results.
  • Regeneration: this technique requires exact temperature precision to prevent the food from being overcooked. TSC precision and its humidity control allows precooked food to maintain its juiciness and freshness.
  • Preservation: it is very important to precisely control the temperature and humidity to avoid drying out and alterting the properties of the food.


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