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Autumn healthy with Frucosol

Autumn healthy with Frucosol

The orange juice is without doubt one of the most traditional and classic, highlighting its contribution in vitamin C. But best of all is that this fruit allows infinite combinations to enjoy even more tasty juices:

  •  Orange Watermelon :

Ingredients :  Juice 2 or 3 oranges / a large piece of watermelon / brown sugar / mint and lemon drops (optional)

Preparation 2-3 oranges are squeezed and mixed with the piece of watermelon in a blender or blender.Peppermint and lemon is added to taste. In our case we have not removed the seeds to watermelon and increase the fiber content of the juice. Then we can colarlo if we prefer the softer juice.

Advice : I would advise to take right after training, especially now in summer where we lose a lot of water and minerals. It can also serve as dessert as a slush if we put 3-4 hours before in the freezer. The taste is very nice and it is a very important refreshing juice that fills us with vitamins, especially vitamin C and carotenoids, now in summer to prevent oxidation and help regenerate tissue.

  • orange pineapple strawberry

Ingredients 1 orange / 150 grams of fresh pineapple peeled / 2 strawberries .

Preparation 2 oranges are squeezed and mixed in a blender or blender with strawberries and pineapple. No need to strain.

advice : Superrefrescante, it is ideal to take advantage of the properties of pineapple. You can take it on anempty stomach because it helps the pineapple has diuretic effect and helps eliminate accumulated liquids.

  • orange banana

Ingredients 4-5 oranges / 2 bananas / sugar to taste.

Preparation It is as simple as making a juice with oranges and then pass it through the blender with bananas and sugar.

advice : Sometimes crave in the morning, in the afternoon snack or a light dinner companion, we provide many nutrients and are as varied as rich.

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