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All about blast chillers

All about blast chillers


Cook, chill, regenerate and serve

Distform´s blast chiller range TekChill includes two new models perfect for stacking with one MyChef oven and one MyChef T oven. Thus, you can install a combi oven and a blast chiller in an extremely small space.

Cook & Chill process in a column only 520mm wide or 700 mm wide for the transversal version. This system prevents the proliferation of bacteria by quickly reducing the internal temperature of the product, formation of the crystals that are common in traditional freezing and also it preserves the original consistency, flavour and texture of the food.

The TekChill blast chiller is a valuable ally in professional kitchens that helps you save time and reduce costs. The food stays fresh longer so that you can plan out production and prevent waste. You can plan for purchases, as it allows you to purchase ingredients and seasonal products in larger quantities at better prices. You also can get optimal control over stock as this system helps with production planning and facilitates service through regeneration.

With these new compact TekChill blast chiller models, Distform offers, once again, a smart solution for optimizing the space of your kitchen in capacities for 3, 5, 5T, 10 and 15 GN 1/1.

Download new TekChill catalogue and the update of MyChef catalogue.

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