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F 350 TSV-VO

F 350 TSV-VO

In 1961, after 17 years spent first as a worker and then as a technician at various manufacturers of slicers, Corrado Lanza decides to take risks and leaves his job to start his own business in Cavaria. 

While his wife Fausta and a couple of workers assemble the slicers in the laboratory near the house, Corrado travels on his scooter with two or three sample machines firmly tied to the luggage rack to visit the shops in the north and east of Milan where he always places good orders. 

From time to time, a friend lends him a small car that he fills with slicers to go to the Veneto, another good source of new customers and orders.

This marketing view-and-sell technique soon ceases, as orders begin to arrive from abroad as well. 

One of the most powerful and long-lasting success stories, word of mouth, has become a source of new markets for Corrado's machines. 

Now FAC exports more than 50% of its products throughout Europe, North America and South America, Asia and South Africa.

In 1973, Corrado and Fausta decided to move into their first real factory, a 200-square-meter building, which soon expanded to 200, then 500, then 1000 square meters. 

Although the FAC now relies on trusted contractors, its current 4500 m² assembly facility and 500 sqm warehouse have become too small and still need to be expanded.
The FAC is in the hands of a united family. 

With an eye to the future, Corrado called his family members to help him, teaching his work scrupulously from the beginning. 

It was a good school, because the new generation succeeded successively in all sectors (administration, marketing, personnel, research, quality control, etc.)


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