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Practical and easy to use, our new machine CAMURRI BRAUER mod. CB.200(Camurri’s Patent) permits to prepare a good hand crafted beer, using fresh products any kind of recipe.
Whole realized in Stain steel Aisi 304, it is equipped with: A PLC programmer which allows to check, regulate and program automatically any desired time or temperature, following your recipe; in support of that, we can supply also a BT Interface (Bluetooth Interface), which helps to program the PLC directly from your Android device. A moto-reducer, in the lower part, which kneads the blend, thanks to a modular mixer, valuing organoleptic qualities and thanks to the Camurri’s system, you got a better sugar extraction, than other systems; three heating elements for the heating and maintaining and a practical wire-filter; a winch module to lift and position the filter, with any effort, four turning wheels (of which n. 2 with brake) for an easy transport. Two adjustable feet for an easy cleaning of the unit, two draining faucets: a superior one, for a simple cleaning and removing, and a second one, for a whole and complete cleaning of the unit. Very easy to use, clean and maintain.
In support of the unit, we can supply a wide range of accessories (hop filters, cooling and conic fermentation tanks, cooling plate heat exchangers, ..) which will guide you into a perfect brewing! It is essential for small breweries, home brewers, pubs, agritourisms, catering institutes and for any activities which needs to promote its artisanal recipe.
CE Marked
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system




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