Mini-Jet Hand Dryer in White ABS

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Mini-Jet Hand Dryer in White ABS

Probably the smallest dryer in the world! Very energy efficient - only 900W. 

Mini-Jet Hand Dryer in White ABS

Probably the smallest hand dryer in the world- 40% smaller than an A4 page.

Less than 100m deep - DDA compliant. 200kph air speed, very energy efficient- only 900W.

Optional HEPA filter available.

Dimensions: 159 W x 250 H x 99.5 D mm

But what about the drying time for such a small hand dryer? Don’t let the small size make you believe its not powerful. It gives out a very high speed jet of air that travels at around 200Kph that will dry your hands in around 15-18 seconds.

Its motor speed is an impressive 28,000 revolutions per minute yet it uses an extremely economical 400 watts. The heating element is just 500 watts resulting in a combined energy usage of just 900 watts. This makes the Micro Blast not only the smallest jet dryer in the World but also one of the most economical. Its a true all rounder!

Perfect for any wash room.

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