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Camurri News for 2018! The CONTESSA is one of these!

The CONTESSA is a complete and compact solution for breakfast. It is a practical solution, totally in stainless steel and equipped with a touch screen for the production of an excellent Italian breakfast to satisfy even the most international palates.

Ideal for the production and service of: Cappuccino, Espresso Coffee, American Filter Coffee, Moka Camurri Coffee, Hot Water and Foam Milk.


The CONTESSA is a combination of a standard TERMORAPID CAMURRI (filter coffee machine of 9 lt ) & a standard BAIN MARIE CAMURRI (of 5 lt).

This allow to you to use natural products such us Moka coffee powder (for Termorapid) and fresh milk (for Bain-Marie) giving all the freshness of a good breakfast.

In the Termorapid is so made an excellent filter coffee with all the intesive taste of italian coffee done with our Patent Slow System that allows to have no oxidate or acid coffee, and in the Bain-Marie you can maintain hot the milk.

This 2 simple products are then combine togheter and thanks to our special patent system conveyed to create what the client will choose in few second.

This unit avoid to wait and have a slow service. It is easy to use and easy to clear thanks to also two practilcal hidden faucets on the sides of the machine that allows also to use it during the service to fill the practical jugs with filter coffee or hot milk.

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