Terms of Service

Order Processing and Client Account


Once you have purchased our product it constitutes that you have agreed with our following Terms of Service.

  • Client Trade Account Management

  • Order Processing

  • Lead Time for Dispatching Orders

  • Lead Time for Delivery of Orders by Our Shipping Suppliers

  • Shipping And Handling Charge

  • Order Changes and/or Cancellation Prior to Shipment

  • Order Returns and Cancellation After Shipment

  • 3rd Party Supplier for Screen Printing - Order Cancellation

  • Storage of Screen Printed Containers

  • Incomplete Orders & Manual Invoicing for Orders

  • Incorrect Delivery Address

  • Custom-Made Colours

  • Price, Currency & VAT

  • Payment Method

  • Discontinued Colours

  • False Claims

Client Trade Account Management

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your trade account, username and password and for restricting access to your computer. You agree to accept responsibility for:

  • All activities that occur under your account, username, or password. 

  • Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK reserves the right, with or without notice, to cancel an order, refuse service, terminate your account, and/or refuse to ship to certain addresses at their sole discretion.

  • Updating your account in the event of changing personal data e.g. shipping address, telephone number, etc.

Order Processing

An automatic order confirmation will be sent via email shortly after placing order. Be sure that the email address you use when placing your order is valid, spelled correctly, and is able to accept emails from the wholesalemineralmakeup.co.uk domain. If you have not received your order confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order, please notify us. Note:  Some clients may need to check their Bulk Mail, Spam, or Junk Mail folders for order confirmations and correspondence from us.

Sales on this web site are governed by English law.  All orders are subject to these terms and conditions, and no amendments will be accepted by us.

Lead Time For Dispatching Orders

We do our very best to ship your order as fast as possible. In cases where we have most of the items on your order in stock, we would consider sending them then ship the rest of your order later once we have them in stock.

Below is the estimated timeline for dispatching orders, depending on the order volume.  If for any reasons we experience delay in shipping orders we will commumicate it with our clients.

Compliance Service

15 - 20 Working Days

Product Only (depending on volume)

15 - 20 Working Days

Product + Labelling Service

20 - 30 Working Days

Product + Labelling Service + Screen Printing Service

30 - 40 Working Days

Product + Labelling Service + Screen Printing Service + Applying Label Service

30 - 40 Working Days

Samples Pack

5 Working Days

Product Samples Over 1000 Units

20 - 30 Working Days

Orders Received During Company Holiday

To be Advised

Orders with the quantity of over 3,000 units, the estimated lead time is to be determined.

Lead Time for Delivery of Orders by Our Shipping Suppliers

We work with different shipping suppliers for delivering goods to our clients.  Below is the estimated timeline for parcels to arrive:

Mainland UK = 5 Working Days

Europe = 8 - 10 Working Days

Outside UK & Europe = To be Advised

Europe Express Delivery = 1 - 2 Working Days (extra charge applies)

  • Please Note - We cannot be held responsible for delivery delays caused by the shipping suppliers. If you have not received your order please contact us and we will investigate it with the shipping supplier.

Shipping And Handling Charge

The following standard charges will be applied automatically to orders: 

UK Orders 

£0.00 to £100.00 = £6.95

£100.01 to £500.00 = £9.95

£500.01.01 to £1500.00 = £19.95

£1500.01 to £3000.00 = £35.95

£3000.01 to £5000.00 = £42.95

£5000.01 - over = To be determined

European Orders

These prices are subject to change as suppliers charges fluctuate with fuel and exchange rates.

The shipping charge for all orders above £1000.00 will include insurance.

£0.00  - <£150.00 = £17.95

£150.00 - <£500 = £29.95

£500.00 - <£700.00 = £32.85

£700 - <£1000.00 = £53.95

£1000.00 - <£1500.00 = £83.95

£1500.00 - <£3000.00 = £95,95

£3000.00 - <£4000.00 = £110.50

£4000.00 - <£5000.00 = £128.95

£5000.00 and over = To Be Determined

NOTE - Every order will be automatically assigned the relevant shipping charge.  If you place separate orders at the same time, the shipping charge will be applied to each order. 

Outside of UK/Europe Orders

Please contact us for the shipping charge.

Price, Currency & VAT

Our pricing is subject to change without notice. 

All prices are quoted in Great British Pounds Sterling (£) and exclude VAT.

International Customers (i.e. Customers outside of the UK) are responsible for any and all customers duty, taxes and fees. EU Customers that are not VAT registered or do not provide a valid VAT number will be charged VAT at the current UK rate. International Customers from the Tax Free countries, there will be no VAT applied.

Due to uncontrolled circumstances (e.g. supplier's cost), our prices may need to be changed accordingly.

Order Changes or Cancellation Prior to Shipment

Please review and double check your order carefully before submitting it to us. If we notice something that appears to be an error in your order, we will contact you via email for verification.

After the payment has been made, order changes and cancellations should be emailed to info@wholesalemineralmakeup.co.uk  as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours after the order was placed. Some orders may be processed the same day of receipt, so we're unable to guarantee that changes or cancellations may be made prior to shipment.   

Custom-Filling Orders - Customer-provided containers for our product, no Return or Cancellation is allowed as we are not able to re-sell them. 

Changing or Cancelling Active Orders  -  Orders that are in 'production' for preparation we categorise them as "Active Orders" and under our Terms of Service cannot be cancelled, changed or modified.

  • Please contact us if you do wish to change an order, we will help if we can, this is at our sole discretion. If we accept any change we reserve the right to apply a recovery charge of 30% of the order value to cover the cost for the loss of production time and resources. No changes to such orders will be accepted without this payment.  Also, the timeline for delivery of such orders will be extended to 15 working days from the time we have received the order recovery payment.

3rd Party Supplier of Screen Printing - Order Cancellation

We utilise a supplier to provide the service for screenting printing containers for our clients and this service can be purchased online on our website. Normally, within 2-3 working days we will then place an order with supplier; prepare and ship the relevant containers to them for screen printing.

Once we have shipped the containers to supplier and they have have started working on them we can not cancel and ask for a refund.   Therefore, we will not accept order cancellation or refund once you have placed your order with us for this service.

However, if you wish to cancel your order and it is within 2 workind days after you have placed your order with us on our website, please check with us.  If we have not shipped the containers to the suppliers as yet we are happy to cancel your order and give you a refund.

Storing and Keep Tracking of the Stock of Screen Printed Containers

We can store the stock of screen printed caps & containers for our clients in our warehouse free of charge and use them as needed for their orders.  However, it is the responsibility of our clients to monitor and keep track of their stock and order them, if needed.

Returns & Cancellation After Shipment

We do not accept returns or provide refunds.

If the goods have been damaged in transit or we delivered the wrong item, replacement products will be provided. In such circumstances, the Customer must notify Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK within 3 days of the receipt of damaged or wrong goods. A replacement application will only be acknowledged if the goods are returned to Wholesale Mineral Makeup trading address together with their original packaging within 14 days of the receiving the original order.

Incomplete Orders and Manual Invoicing for Orders

Our website facility is provided to help our clients to easily interact with our website for placing their orders. 

Clients that do not wish to use our website facility and request a manual invoice prepared for their order, or incomplete orders which require that we manually make adjustments to the order a £25.00 will be added to the invoice to cover the administration cost.

Products and services that are not yet available on our website such as Bulk Powder is exempt from this policy.

Incorrect Delivery Address

As a Trade Account holder, our clients are responsible for keeping the account information up to date.  We do not accept requests to update client's trade account.

We do NOT take responsibility for orders that have been shipped to incorrect address due incorrect or out-dated delivery address on the customer account. 

  • Orders that have been returned to us due to incorrect delivery address will be re-shipped with the relevant shipping charge for re-sending the order to the new address. 

  • We ONLY ship to the address that is on the invoice.  If you need to send your order to a particular address different than the one that is on the invoice please email us.

  • Parcels/orders that are due to be returned to us due to incorrect delivery address may take up to 2 weeks by the shipping supplier (e.g. Royal Mail).  We will re-send the order ONLY after we have received it from the shipping supplier.

Custom-Made Colours

Once we have received a sample of the colour to be replicated we will prepare and issue an invoice for the Custom-Made Colour service, which will need to be paid for within 5 working days.  

Unpaid orders will be cancelled and the samples will be discarded. 

Payment Method

Payment must be paid in advance for purchasing our products and services. The order will not be released until the full payment has been received. Payments must be made in Great British Pounds Sterling (£) only, unless otherwise agreed, and by one of the following payment methods:

  • HSBC Secure ePayments Online

We use HSBC to process our payments online at www.wholesalemineralmakeup.co.uk. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Switch, Euro Card, Solo, Delta, and Visa Electron.

- We do not store your details on our website. All payments are taken in GB Pounds Sterling (£), please check your statement for the local currency equivalent. 

  • Cheque or Money Order - We accept Cheque or Money Order.  However, your order will not be released until the funds are cleared.

  • Direct Bank Transfer - If you would prefer to pay via internet banking please let us know and we will provide our bank details.

Discontinued Colours

Similar to other suppliers/ manufacturers in the cosmetics industry:

  • We may experience the risk of raw pigment ingredients being discontinued by our suppliers, therefore we will have to discontinue the relevant colours.  However, if possible, we will try to re-formulate and create related colour (i.e. somehow similar).  

  • We will discontinue offering certain colours due to their poor performance over certain period of time and replace them with more trendy colours.  However, where possible, we will make them available to clients that have purchased those colours from us in the past. 

False Claims

We apply rigorous quality check to ensure the products sent out are according to the order, and quantity. However, human error may happen. The Customer must notify us in writing within 2 days of receiving product if there is a shortage or missing product.  

Any attempts to make a false claim of the product shortage, Wholesale Mineral Makeup UK will cease further business with the Customer.