Uvasol SPF 15 Sun Lotion 300ml

Uvasol SPF 15 Sun Lotion 300ml

Uvasol SPF 15 Sun Lotion 300ml

UVASOL Sun Lotion. 

Combines the latest developments in medical research with up to date ingredients and modern formulation technology, to produce the most scientifically advanced 'sunscreen' product available today.

+ UVB protection: SPF 15 absorbs up to 93% of the sun's UVB rays

+ UVA protection: Ultra Five Star UVA protection.  *Absorbs 98% of UVA rays

+ Free Radical protection: UVASOL contains a unique complex to tackle free radicals. This includes natural Vitamin E and Lutein (Xanthophyll). These powerful natural antioxidants aided by Benzophenone-4 actually hunt down free radicals and eliminate them.

UVASOL  -  Maximum Effective Protection for your Skin

*According to independant analytical test results under the Australian UV-A Standard test protocol.  

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